About Us

The Zone UK are a film, photography and video production company with a difference. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we offer a complete service, above and beyond “point and shoot”.

Yes, our technical service is second to none, but we understand that a great film or promotional video takes much more than that. You have a story to tell and our job is to help you tell it.

That means that we are dedicated to designing your project from the ground up – from the very first script draft to the final sound mix – ensuring that you get a unique film that says exactly what you want to say, to your deadline and within your budget. We can write, cast, direct, edit and score your film in-house, providing the fullest, most professional customised production services in the UK.

The Zone UK is the brainchild of Philip Walker, an experienced Director of Photography, Cameraman, and Creative Director. After ten years of freelancing – producing high quality work on a relatively small scale – Philip realised he could do things far better than the majority of companies that he saw around him. The launch of The Zone UK as a fully-fledged film/video production company means that he and the rest of the team can now offers the very best in filming, directing, producing and post-production.

Whether it’s breaking news, drama, comedy, documentary, corporate videos, commercials, motion graphics, motion capture, online virals or live events, our work is guaranteed and designed to meet and exceed your expectations.