• A new type of presenter emerges with wit, empathy and compassion. A larger than life character that brings the best out of people. Edited from footage shot around the world for a forth coming documentary.Stills by Karen Ballard.
    David Roy Green the unscripted presenter
  • Lady Samurai Follow the fascinating journey of Fay Goodman, a 6th grade Dan Iaido instructor from Birmingham who travels to Japan to try and gain the much coveted 7th Dan grade. An award-winning and inspirational story of courage, skill and the bridging of cultures that represents the best documentary film has to offer. Winner of the Indie Fest Merit Award 2008
    Lady Samurai
  • The fascinating journey of Currently in production, this film follows 80s singing sensation Jaki Graham as she releases a new album, and looks back on her years in the industry. A candid and revealing insight into a life in showbusiness.
    Jaki Graham story
  • Cut aways for a documentary actor Steve Page is going for.
    Steve Page-documentary rushes

About The Documentary We produce ?

The Zone UK is incredibly serious about documentary film-making, an often underrated and misunderstood genre. We will be actively developing and sourcing the most vital and important stories from around the world and ensuring that they are both told and reach their audience effectively.