Feature Films

  • Disoriented Generation follows the fortunes and misfortunes of Ishmael Omo as he tries to keep his life on track, while riding the emotional roller-coaster of relationships. Sharon, Kenisha and Bola are the women who embark on this extraordinary journey with him, experiencing, together, the highs and lows of life and love.
    Disoriented Generation
  • Park It Right is the story of a group of ethnically-diverse students, trying to make sense of life in the UK. In an attempt to change their fortunes, they end up working as traffic wardens, that most hated of professions. Things can only get worse.
    Park it Right

About The Feature Productions We produce ?

Here at The Zone UK, we are serious about British film-making, in all its forms, including developing and supporting feature film projects. With a wealth of talent on call, from scripting to acting, from producing to directing, we aim to take a place at the vanguard of independent film. We will be actively developing features in-house and are also keen to hear about all new, exciting talent in feature film production. We want to make films with intelligence, wit, emotion and depth, and we will. Watch this space.